VITRUM Group is always the first choice. 

Thanks to our technical excellence and our innovative solutions, with our process you will benefit from tangible added value in all areas.


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Our process is the result of many years of experience and innovative solutions in the field of glass surface repair and correspond to 100% German quality standards  – MADE IN GERMANY.


German craftsmanship and the latest research results flow into the quality of our work.

This guarantee is a real seal of quality for you: You can rely on for the best processing and maximum quality. Further features and advantages are highly qualified employees, a high degree of innovation and the best possible innovative standards in technology.

You benefit from our technical excellence and our innovative solutions in all areas of glass surfaces - from repair, cleaning and care to regular maintenance.





We provide 100% performance.   

Experience and enjoy the difference: from advice and work process to excellent customer service.

We offer 100% customer satisfaction.   

We do everything we can to inspire you - with German quality work, state-of-the-art technology and the highest level of commitment.