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VITRUMGroup® – Your specialist for glass surface repair is an innovative development. 


Our process consists of the machine and the finely tuned abrasives. The grinding and polishing machine is used on the glass surface. The grinding and polishing agents eliminate any kind of damage. Depending on the damage severity, the glass damages are removed with the guided movements of the machine. 


VITRUM® – the technology

The innovative VITRUM system offers repair of damaged glass, injuries, and scratches.

Etching - absolutely plane-parallel on all glass surfaces. We guarantee the highest quality standards.


The machine removes any kind of damages with the given grinding diameters, abrasives and polishing materials and variable cutting speeds. With this process we are able to repair/remove scratched, clouded or etched discs from the glass, saving you the costly and time-consuming replacement of the glass. 


The actual core of the difficult glass surface treatment is the grinding and polishing agent. Our own developed abrasives are used to efficiently process and optimize the surfaces. All damages will be repaired without repaired visible remaining damage.

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