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Die Vitrum Glasoberflächen Technologien GmbH ist Ihr Partner für die innovative Glasoberflächen Instandsetzung.

Unsere Leidenschaft für Glas, unser Gespür für neue Technologien und die Liebe zum Handwerk zeigt sich in der Art, wie wir mit Ihnen arbeiten - präzise, engagiert und professionell. Wir legen bei jedem Arbeitsschritt Wert auf höchste Sorgfalt. Unser Handwerk ist Fähigkeiten zu verbinden, nachhaltig positiv zu beeinflussen.


Der Weg in die Zukunft ist unser Ziel. Dieser Weg zeichnet sich aus durch respektvollen Umgang miteinander, mit Ressourcen, Materialien und Wissen.







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Our expertise

Vitrum glass surface technologies is your partner for innovative glass surface repairs.


Benefit from our many years of experience as well as our sustainable, uniform and successful process for glass refurbishment. 

Our contribution to sustainability

Environmental protection and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in our society. Glass is very valuable for our environment. Our process is environmentally friendly and can save a lot of energy and many raw materials.

You are practising sustainable environmental protection when you decide to have your glass refurbished.we dispense with all materials that are harmful to the environment for you.  

Our philosophy

No task is too small or too big for us.

Every project is individual and therefore requires an individual solution.


Our mission to help people achieve a sustainable quality of life that benefits both people and the environment is an integral part of our business philosophy.

Our experience

Our process is the result of many years of experience and innovative solutions in the field of glass surface restoration and complies with 100 % German quality standards - MADE IN GERMANY.

Last but not least, the many years of experience of our employees and the cooperation with renowned customers from the construction industry promise a successful placement on the market and long-term value retention of your glass elements.

Our team

People who work together add up their potentials. People who work for each other multiply their potential.

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Our employees and their daily commitment are the driving force behind our quality.


It is important to us that together - as a team - we achieve the best results for our customers. That's why we see honest and respectful interaction in a spirit of partnership as the basis for cohesion and long-term success.

The Vitrum Group employs qualified staff who are regularly trained and equipped according to technical standards. This is how we ensure competent, reliably executed services.

To ensure the high standard of our craftsmanship, standards and regulations relevant to our work are regularly kept up to date.

Glasoberflächen Instandsetzung



Our process is the result of our many years of experience and more innovative 

Solutions in the field of glass surface repair. Our products corresponds to 100% German quality standards - Made in Germany.

The Vitrum glass surface technologies realizes ecological and sustainable glass renovation. 

As an innovative company, we are constantly optimizing our materials, using in-house developed grinding and polishing agents that are superior to the products available on the market .This enables us to achieve reliable and high quality results for successful repairs.  

We achieve consistently high service quality through:

• multi-level quality management 

• Permanent optimization of our materials​

• The latest process technologies



Are you ready for a new challenge and do you want to work in an ambitious and sustainable company? Then you are exactly right with us.

Vitrum Glass Surfaces Technologies, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is Europe's leading company in the field of glass surface repair.

We want to inspire you. With challenging tasks and exciting prospects. We support you in acting on your own responsibility and support your success with targeted further development and training.


Have we aroused your interest?
Then we look forward to receiving your application.
We kindly ask you to send us your application online by e-mail .
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